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  • Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance,Electronic Access Control and Fingerprint based Solutions

    " Biometric systems measures the unique bilogical characteristics to identify a person. For example, finger print is unique for each individual. So if a system is made to read and register the finger prints, every time when the finger print is read using reader, this will identify the person. This identification can be used for attendance, access control etc.Biometric system increases the level of authenticity and hence security. Another uniquely identifiable part in human body is pupil of the eye.This is also used in application of high security. A biometric time attendance system or Fingerprint Attendance System is a biometric system that tracks employee attendance, including when they comes in, when they goes out, and if they showed up when they were scheduled to work. What makes a biometric system one of the best time and attendance systems is that it has a biometric fingerprint scanner built in that is much more accurate in time keeping in comparison to a time card or time sheets because employees can't clock in other employees. This helps prevent time theft and saves money for the company. Another great feature of biometric attendance systems is that they could also be used as biometric access control for the building's security.Companies can restrict access to certain areas of the building so only certain employees can enter by only approving their fingerprints in the access system. Today, most employers face a challenge in controlling employee's attendance. Some of the major problems are; false entry, unauthorized overtime, time spent on processing employees'attendance,and human error in payroll calculation."

  • Best Biometric and Latest Attendance Sytems, Fingerprint Attendance Systems and Machines in Calicut.

    "Sincap' Time & Attendance Recording Machines and systems works in conjunction with biometric time clock: Fingerprint Readers as well as, non-biometric devices: Proximity and HID Card Readers. Instead of employees punching in a Attendance Register or logging their attendance by hand, they simply place their finger on the Fingerprint Reader sensor or flash a card in front of the proximity or HID card reader and our systems does the rest!"

  • Sincap info introduces Latest Electronic Surveillance and Access Control Systems.

    "Sincap info best-in-class access control systems with state-of-the-art access control softwares integrates the most advanced security technologies with latest networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility. Designed to work together seamlessly, our solutions provide you with the technology you need to manage sophisticated security challenges—from the simplest to the most challenging. Sincap Info has a rich, varied experience in developing attendance solutions for various businesses. We offers state-of-the-art solutions in performance improvement, enterprise time-office, and integrating technology for companies in a wide array of industries. Sincap Info completely automated Time and Attendence Solutions helps organizations in tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. Our simplified time-attendence software – working in tandem with our hardware devices – helps you in improving workforce productivity. Our Solutions helps you to replace cumbersome time tracking procedures and eliminate manual collection of payroll information which increase workforce efficiency and reduce operational costs by offering real-time access to critical time and attendance data.."

    "Solutions designed by Sincap info based on RFID technology can be implemented in all industries today, in any place in which people require an identification system. Confirming the identity of an individual can be easier now than in case of using the already common magnetic swipe ID cards."